Hoot for the camera! Tiny owls stage their own filming session as they play with a GoPro in the grass

Two owls roosting in Cape Coral, Florida, appear to be having a hoot as they get to grips with a GoPro camera.

Photographs show the bright-eyed birds posing in front of the lens, cracking semi-grins with their beaks open.

Wildlife photographer Megan Lorenz, 39, put the GoPro out on a patch of grass in a bid to film the animals and was charmed by their reactions.

'My intention was actually to just get some video footage of the owls... but when I saw how interested the one owlet was but it turned out much better - and different! - than I had hoped,' she said.

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  1. bmfilip2 says:

    They are so cute .... Thank you for sharing them.

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