Cooled down while melting hearts: Fire crews quench the thirst of struggling heat-stricken koalas as bushfires continue to ravage parts of South Australia

Incredible footage has emerged of heat-stricken koalas being cooled down by rescuers as bushfires continue to ravage through South Australia.

One piece of footage shows the tiny bundle of fur drinking from a red drink bottle of water after a firefighter came to its rescue in the Adelaide Hills on Friday.

Feeding the marsupial water, the thirsty koala looked severely burned as the rescuer is seen stroking and scratching its head in the bushland as it embraces the drink.

Another heartfelt video was posted onto Facebook by local resident Kerry Goldsworthy on Friday after she came home to find a 'very hot and thirsty koala' in her front yard.


Responses to " Cute Koala More Than Happy For A Drink After Escaping SA Bush Fire "

  1. bmfilip2 says:

    Aww, that is so sweet that they are helping the poor Koala with water. Him drinking water from the bottle is cute.

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