Hector is two-years-old but he's never been able to play outdoors or go on walks like regular dogs. That's because he has no rear legs after a crippling accident when he was a puppy.

His mother was a stray dog living in northern Saskatchewan and gave birth to him in the dead of winter. It was so cold outside that his tail and feet became frozen to the ground.

His mother tore them off trying to free him. Thankfully, Hector was rescued by a kind woman named Lisa. But after several years of limited activity, Hector's mom wanted more for Hector and posted his story on Facebook.

That's when the community began a campaign to raise the money needed to get Hector special prosthetics. And just before Christmas, Hector got his two new legs and was finally able to stand up.

Lisa is not only amazed by the kindness of so many strangers but also Hector's enthusiasm for his new legs. She also said despite his early tragedy in the cold, he loves the snow! (Source)


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