Video shows cat frantically trying to pull a paper cup off its head. A dog approached and removed the cup from its head with its jaw

When this cat found himself in a spot of bother, help was on hand from an unlikely source.

As the cat frantically tried to pull a paper cup off its head by wheeling round in circles, a dog trotted on to the scene and came to the rescue.

The dog approached the distressed cat and removed the cup with its jaw, setting it free.The two animals then go their separate ways, with the clearly relieved cat the last shot in the clip.

The footage left viewers perplexed as the animals put aside their age-old hostilities. One commentator said: 'I love how the cat casually goes back to whatever it was doing like nothing had happened.' Others suggested the dog simply wanted the paper cup.


Responses to "Dog rescues feline friend trapped in cup (Video)"

  1. Anonymous says:

    Why didn't the jerk with the camera just reach down and remove the cup? Or is that who put the cup over the poor cats head to begin with! I hate videos like this because they just show the cruelty of humans to cruel to help the poor animal in distress!! It is NOT cute nor funny at all ... Actually its pretty sad to see that dogs ARE kinder than a so called human!!

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