Morris the cat gets a lot of piggyback ride from Champy the horse

Lots of cats’ most favorite hobby is probably napping. But there’s one kitty who loves to spend a lot of his time riding a horse.

Meet Morris the cat and his unlikely pal, Champy the horse. This adorable friendship between a feline and equine started when Jennifer Boyle adopted the black furred creature from a rescue shelter in Lismore to live at her home in Yorklea.

It didn’t take that long for the extra-friendly horse to introduce himself to the newcomer, who was then basking on the front veranda. But Morris was a little standoffish towards him for he never met a horse before.

Despite Morris’ cat-titude towards Champy, he remained friendly with Morris and after a week of grooming the two became inseparable.

One day, Ms. Boyle was standing at the sink washing dishes when she spotted Morris past the kitchen window riding on the back of Champy.“Champy was very gentle with Morris and had an understanding of how small he is,” Ms Boyle said.

“It was really Champy’s persistence on becoming friends with Morris that started their friendship. “(He’s) the friendliest horse. He wants to make friends with everyone he meets, whether they’re human or animal.”

The other horses at Ms. Boyle’s property had not take a liking to Morris. The cat have tried to ride on a couple of them but he’s been bucked off. Luckily, his friend Champy is always happy to give him a piggyback ride on his back.


Responses to "Extra-friendly Horse Befriends Adopted Cat (Video)"

  1. Anonymous says:

    Most barn cats will eventually try to sleep on a horses back. When our stallion was in his stall he didn't mind, but outside he would kill the cat if he could. [and did a few times]

  2. bmfilip2 says:

    That is so sweet to see...

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