Spying a potential new cuddle buddy, this charming seal wiggles his way over to the dog

Slaps his little seal paw around his new friend ... and then just lays on his new pal like the most contented seal in the world.

The dog may or may not be as into it.

Luckily someone on the beach had a camera, otherwise this adorable moment of interspecies friendship would have gone unrecorded. (Source)

Labradors have a reputation as a very even-tempered breed and an excellent family dog. This includes a good reputation with children of all ages and other animals.

Some lines, particularly those that have continued to be bred specifically for their skills at working in the field (rather than for their appearance), are particularly fast and athletic.


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  1. bmfilip2 says:

    Aww, that is so sweet. Who knew a dog & a seal would be friends....Thank you for sharing this....

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