A Labrador Retriever named John Boy saved his owner's life after she fell unconscious outside her home.

The adopted dog ran to get her help and ended up fetching a police officer! Wisconsin Police Officer Jeff Gonzalez, with the Germantown Police Department, was out on patrol when he saw John Boy running on the street.

He stopped and John Boy barked at him, so he rolled down his window and called to him. "Then he wagged his tail and got more friendly until I got out of my car and then he ran a little bit," Officer Gonzalez told WITI News.

The officer noticed John Boy was leading him down the street to his house where his mom, Krystal, was in trouble. Officer Gonzalez noticed Krystal slumped over in a chair outside of her front door. She was in her pajamas, her lips were blue and she was ice cold.

The officer thought she was dead at first, but he noticed she was still breathing and immediately called for help.

Krystal suffers from a heart condition but she was stabilized and is recovering at hospital all thanks to a dog that had been rejected multiple times.

It turns out John Boy was adopted and returned three times by different families before Krystal took him home. She and her family must be extremely grateful he is part of their family!


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