Rescued Nurse Mare Foal baby horse wants to play tag with dog.

The dog seems to have the upper hand in this one, but we'll just say it's because the horse hasn't learned the rules yet! They are having so much fun together!

Note: A foal is an equine, particularly a horse, that is one year old or younger. More specific terms are colt for a male foal and filly for a female foal, but these terms are used until the horse is age three or four. When the foal is nursing from its dam (mother), it may also be called a suckling.

After the young horse has been weaned from its dam, it may be called a weanling. When a mare is pregnant, she is said to be "in foal."

When the mare gives birth, she is "foaling" and the impending birth is usually stated as "to foal." A newborn horse is "foaled."


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