This Husky mom knows how to keep her family entertained.

 She must be wonder-mom! Not only does she feed and clean her pack of adorable pups, she entertains them as well. We see how this beautiful mom got back into shape post-babies. She runs around like crazy, chasing her fluffy offspring and letting them chase her.

She has the tactic figured out, though. To avoid those sharp puppy teeth and their playful nips, this mom is quick to take advantage of some higher ground.

Her pups enthusiastically scamper about on the hard wood floors, slipping and sliding. Mom, meanwhile, makes a quick dash around her pack of pups and hops back up to the safety of the couch. She has no problem exciting all her children and wearing them out from here.

Her quick spins and tail wags make this the most adorable, family playtime session we’ve ever seen. We can’t even imagine how cute nap time will be after this exciting day!

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  1. adorable! I think she may be a malmute however.

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