The cuddly kitty was born with a condition called hypertrichosis — also known as "werewolf syndrome" — which leads to excess hair growth.

 If the internet is good at one thing, it's turning quirky cats into full-blown cultural icons — just look at Grumpy Cat, Maru and Lil Bub. Now there's a new kitty making waves on the web with a wild look that's all his own.

Meet Atchoum ("Achoo" in French), a Quebec-based kitty whose overgrown whiskers and intense golden-eyed gaze are quickly propelling him to stardom.

Despite the fact that his not-so-coiffed fur may make him look a tad maniacal, Atchoum's owner, Nathalie, says that he's "loving" all the same. (Source)

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  1. Unknown says:

    hes adorable

  2. Unknown says:

    Can I have him?!

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