We love to keep pets, forming close bonds with them, and making them part of our lives. But around the world some people have sought out unusual relationships, with some very surprising animals.

 For a human to want to befriend a lion or a buffalo is one thing, but why do these animals also form close relationships with us? Can science help us understand how a hippo can become part of the family? Why a polar bear would let a man give her a hug?

Animals are really cute and lovely creatures, that can make us feel charmed and happy. Maybe sometimes they look scary to us and some of them we couldn’t look at, but there are the moments when the scariest animal seems very cute and amazing.

They could be best friend between them or best friend of people. In the animal behavior we can see the clean emotions and feelings. They are simply clean souls which couldn’t pretend they are something else. Because of that the animal videos are amazing, cute and truly.

1- Diver Befriends a Moray Eel 

2- Parrot talking, laughing and playing peekaboo 

3- What happens when you hug a snail 

4- Diver meets a shark that just wants to cuddle 

5- Underwater Seals Love A Belly Rub 

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  1. Anonymous says:

    What a crock of shit. Now it will go to every person thinking it will get a fish. "Do doubt in her mind" what Mind? should be illegal. People like her should not be allowed in the water or near any wild animals.

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