Amazing photographs show rivals locked in titanic battle over a pine cone

 With the snow thick on the ground in the snow-covered forests outside the east Russian city of Voronezh, food is in short supply.

Which is perhaps why these two squirrels have such a dramatic reaction as they skirmish over a cone - and the precious seeds it contains.

The amazing images, captured by photographer Vadim Trunov, appear to show one squirrel flying through the air to catch the cone after its companion throws it - but the truth is rather less friendly.

Vadim says he was barely a few metres away from the squirrels as he lay in the snow to photograph them. 'Squirrels love to eat nuts and cones that's why decided to give the squirrel a cone.

'Inside these cones are the seeds which squirrels love to eat. They gnaw the cone, and take out the seeds from there.'  (Source)

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