A photographer is hoping to tackle two separate but similar prejudices, concerning shelter animals and tattooed people, in one fell swoop by photographing them together to produce powerful portraits.

Brian Batista's moving photos spotlight dogs - particularly Pit Bulls and other breeds which suffer some of the worst unfounded reputations - with the inked owners who saved them from abuse and abandonment.

The Nashville, Tennessee-based photographer tells Little Things that he started his project in 2012 to challenge the notion that all rescue pets are 'damaged' and that all tattooed people are 'degenerates'.

Writing on his website, Mr Batista states that he has met some 'incredible people' while shooting his photos, and 'some even more incredible animals'.

He adds: 'The things that they have seen and been through are some of the most heart-wrenching yet inspiring stories you will ever hear.'

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  1. neil says:

    all the dogs look happy and loved by their humans

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