Tonight is Oscar night, and amid all the chatter about red carpet looks and favorites to win, there is always some reminiscing about memorable ceremonies past, and particularly which moments will never be forgotten.

 The ceremony has seen a streaker (behind David Niven, 1974), and old dude doing pushups (Jack Palance, 1992) and a famous case of surprisingly low self-esteem (Sally Field, "You like me," 1984) -- but nothing touches Sacheen Littlefeather's stand-in appearance for Marlon Brando. Brando, long a friend to Native American causes, declined his Best Actor Oscar for his performance as Don Corleone in The Godfather, and sent the young actress and activist to deliver a statement in his stead. Brando had tasked Littlefeather with making a lengthy speech that would never have fit into the allotted time; the remarks Littlefeather did manage to share (interrupted at one point by simultaneous boos and applause) were eloquent and humble. Here is a clip:

This(summerized recut) is one of his few rare interviews after he had Sashin' representing him and his speech in 1973's oscar -in regards to defending native indians, and wrongs that hollywood, politicians, and media had done to these people. (SOURCE)

He did not accept his oscar, as hollywood did not allow Sashin to read the speach.

Marlon Brando rarely gave interviews , and this is his first appearance after the 1973's hollywood oscar

Marlon Brando interview after 1973's oscar.

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