A rescue dog who had her leg amputated after being battered by children has become a surrogate mum to a litter of kittens. 

 Jean Spencer, centre manager, who adopted Meg after the ordeal, often takes the dog to work with her.

 Knowing Meg was trying to tell her something, Jean started to investigate, and several hours later, after she and helpers made a huge hole in the building’s plasterboard ceiling, the five kittens were located and brought to safety.

 “It was a really unusual rescue,” said Jean, 51. “I know Meg and she was obviously worried about something in the ceiling so I thought I’d better have a look and it was a good thing I did.

 “There was only a space in the ceiling cavity of about eight inches, so we had to make a big hole in the ceiling and work through the night to get them out. “We think the kittens’ mum must have sneaked in through the roof to have them.”


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