This month’s full moon, also known as the Wolf Moon, the Snow Moon and the Hunger Moon, has company. Luminescent Jupiter will take center stage in the absence of Venus, its brighter fellow planet.

No matter where you are on Earth, look eastward as soon as darkness falls. The full moon and the dazzling planet Jupiter will couple up together just above the eastern horizon at nightfall. Think photo opportunity!

 In North America, we call the February full moon the Wolf Moon, Snow Moon or Hunger Moon. Watch as this February full moon climbs upward with Jupiter throughout the evening hours.

The brilliant twosome will reach its high point for the night around midnight, and will descend westward in the wee hours after midnight.

February Moon names from different cultures

Ice (Celtic). Old Moon (Cree). Gray Moon (Pima). Wind Moon (Creek). Winter Moon (Taos). Nuts Moon (Natchez). Avunnivik Moon (Inuit). Geese Moon (Omaha). Bony Moon (Cherokee). Purification Moon (Hopi). Little bud Moon (Kiowa). Snow Moon (Neo-Pagan). Lateness Moon (Mohawk). Shoulder Moon (Wishram). Rabbit Moon (Potawatomi). Sucker Moon (Anishnaabe). Long Dry Moon (Assiniboine). Little Famine Moon (Choctaw). Storm Moon (Medieval English). Sparkling Frost Moon (Arapaho). Running Fish Moon (Winnebago). Coyote Frighten Moon (San Juan). Spruce Tips Moon (Passamaquoddy). Raccoon Moon, Trees Pop Moon (Sioux). Hunger Moon : Dark, Storm Moon : Full (Janic). Snow Moon, Hunger Moon, Trappers Moon (Algonquin).
Other moon names : Wolf Moon, Wild Moon, Quickening Moon, Solmonath Moon, Chaste Moon, Horning Moon, Red Moon, Big Winter Moon, Cleansing Moon.

Full Moon Time-Lapse  
Alaska Moonrise

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