If your dream is to be surrounded by adorable wild foxes, then congratulations: Your dream can now become a reality.

"Zao Fox Village" is a fox preserve in Japan, and it's home to more than 1000 free-ranging, undomesticated foxes.

There are six different species of foxes at Fox Village, and they're just running around! Eeee!

Visitors to Fox Village pay an entrance fee, and for a few additional yen they can also get a bag of food to scatter around for the foxes (feeding them by hand is obviously against the rules).

In addition to Fox Village, Japan is also home to Bunny Island and Cat Island. So you should probably start planning your vacation right now. (Source)


Responses to "Welcome To The Foxiest Place On Earth (More than 1000)"

  1. Anonymous says:

    Wouldn't the foxes swim to Bunny Island?

  2. Unknown says:

    There needs to be many more sanctuaries like this one, for wolves, coyotes, big cats, bears...<3

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