Is this wolf really scared of these sheep or it is just a smart tactic?

 A lone wolf in Norway testing and precisely observing its potential prey. You might think this sheep is totally owning the wolf, while in fact this video shows normal baiting technique for a lone wolf (although he comes across as somewhat inexperienced). The wolf is trying to get the mother sheep to run, to then run behind and grab one of the lambs.

Videos usually show wolves successfully hunting down prey, while in real life they succeed only 1/10 times. A wolf will rarely go after prey that attempts putting up a fight. Wolves know ungulates have hooves that can do serious damage.

Increased wolf control meant more dead livestock, study found

Killing wolves that prey on sheep and cattle leads to the death of more livestock, according to a new study.

Prior to the Washington State University study, the practice of culling wolves to save livestock had been a “widely accepted, but untested, hypothesis,” according to the authors. But it may be that killing wolves disrupts wolf packs in a way that leads them to hunt for livestock, which are relatively stationary, rather than the more mobile deer and elk.

“The odds of livestock depredations increased 4% for sheep and 5–6% for cattle with increased wolf control,” the study found.


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