Isn’t it every pet’s dream to be able to eat at the dining room table?

 What happens when you walk into a house and encounter the delicious aroma of your favorite home-cooked meal or freshly baked cookies?

You probably gravitate toward the kitchen without even thinking about it, especially if you’re hungry. Because most dogs enjoy the same kinds of foods that we do, it’s not surprising that they’re drawn to good smells, too.

You can’t really blame your dog for begging at the table.

Note: Of course No chocolate, No garlic or onions, No Grapes and Raisins, No Macadamia Nuts, No Hops....etc

Storytelling before dinner

He is a good boy

Waiting for my girl friend :(

Hmmm delicious

Good mama

Isn't that Christmas yet?

One more please

My portion size is not good enough! Come on boy

Slurp wouf i cant eat anymore, im full

Mama one more plate ...

I'm so nervous! Nobody invited me to a restaurant before

Waiter Please

Mama it is not funny Please hurry

Praying to the Doggess

Dog & Puppy Steal Carrots off the Kitchen Table

Pious doggie dinner

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