Proof that a mother's love knows no bounds: Dog saves her litter of puppies from a forest fire by digging a hole for them to hide in as flames lick around them in Chile

A devoted mum saved her nine puppies from a raging forest in Chile by digging a hole for them to hide in.

The dog, who has now been nicknamed Blacky, desperately dug a hole to allow her week-old puppies to take shelter in and stay safe beneath a metal container.

Shocking footage shows the intense blaze that ripped through the forest as firefighters struggle to contain the fire near the city of Valparaiso.

As firefighters battled the flames, residents told them they had seen a dog leading the puppies away from the blaze and then bury them under a metal container to protect them from the flames. The rescuers went in search of the animals and soon found all nine puppies alive and well. Footage shows volunteers digging frantically and rescuing the tiny pups from underneath the metal container where they had been hidden.


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