Orphaned puppy is adopted by mother cat.

This tiny puppy was orphaned but luckily finds a new mother in a cat who gave birth to kittens on the very same day he was born.

But the puppy still has to learn the social etiquette of being a cat!

This video clip from BBC's "Wild At Heart" shares a few interesting facts that you probably didn't know about the differences between kittens and puppies suckling! And the babies are adorable!

In this amazing video by BBC News, this puppy orphan becomes part of a whole new family. A mother cat adopts the orphan puppy as one of her own kittens. Lizzie Goldstraw from White Cross Vets in West Derby, Liverpool, treats both Diamond and Coco.

 She said: 'We are delighted that Hope has been adopted in this way and she will no doubt feel warm and safe with her new family. 'It's quite unusual for a cat to take a puppy on as its own but it helped that they were born on the same say and that Paula acted so quickly to introduce the puppy.'


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