The Real Story Of Little Red Riding Hood By Shlomi Nissim

 The pictures made by Shlomi Nissim are surprisingly creative, combining both beautiful people with wild animals.

"I get excited from the power&beauty of the nature and from the amazing wild animals that live in it, especially when these merge with the Human race."

The aspiring artist was born in Israel on 1972, and followed his dream. Shlomi Nissim creates photos full of fantasy and nature that expresses his passion and provides dream-like quality narratives aesthetically with wild beauty.

The photos are composed of different images and symbols inspired by archetypical connotations derived from cultural, literary, and mythological moments.

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"I guess it’s because I believe that a good photograph must consist of two very important aspects, it must be very aesthetic and also contain food for the heart. The result of it must be something that you can believe in."

Responses to "Photographer Captures Amazing Interaction Between Wolves And Women (16 Pics)"

  1. Wunderschöne Fotos / Aufnahmen.

  2. erthmama says:

    Looks as these wolves are starving.........great photos!

  3. similar to a dog :)

  4. HUY GALL says:

    & N'That Day D'WOLF Shall LIVE & LAY W/D'LAMB, D'LION Will Eat Straw Like D'OX/Is. C.11 v.6&7: Also Is. C.65 v.25&26: KJV ----"C.W.B"/"GUY"

  5. HUY GALL says:


  6. Anonymous says:

    Wow! Amazing pics and a great photographer!! I'm impressed!

  7. Unknown says:

    Beautiful my heart is smiling 💞

  8. Anonymous says:

    only what I can say is beautiful photos....

  9. Anonymous says:

    Not starving. In spring, when the weather gets much warmer, their appetite decreases & they lose their thick coats. They look a little emaciated for a short time. Once their summer coat comes in, they look much better.

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