A meeting with a Swedish Wolf

Nobody knows exactly how many Wolves there are in Sweden, but the figures are quite accurate. The inventory made in 2013/2014 pointed to between 300-500 Wolves in Sweden and Norway (most of them in Sweden).

The number of litters expressed as a female wolf with pups, amounted to about 50.

The height of the wolf up to the shoulder line is about 90 cm. Nordic wolves have a weight of 35 – 55 kg, whereby the males mostly have a bigger weight than the females.

The wolf has a big head and a coarse neck in relation to the size of the body. The wolf has a more streamlined body as compared to most of the dogs. The basic color of the Nordic and the European wolves is grey, with grey-yellow and red-brown varieties in the summer fur.

The winter fur is more of grey. The chin and throat are almost always white. The paws are big and the front paws biggest. The teeth are adapted to grip, drag, scratch and cross. The wolf has no problem with thighbones of a big Moose bull.


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