A quadruple amputee Rottweiler named Brutus is getting the chance to walk again thanks to a new set of artificial limbs.

Brutus, who lives in Loveland, Colorado, is only the second dog to ever have four prosthetic limbs. The dog became disabled after he got frostbite on all four paws and was maimed by his breeder, who tried to amputate the damage himself.

But now Brutus has a loving foster mother in Laura Aquilina, who is training the dog so he can get used to a life with artificial limbs.

'You can't explain to an animal why you are putting these contraptions on their feet,' she told Fox 31 Denver. 'You can't explain it to them, that it's to help them.' Brutus' new limbs, which he was outfitted with in September 2014, gives him a high step that resembles a 'bucking bronco'.

Although Brutus can now take walks outside, Aquilina wants more for the two-year-old dog. 'It's not always pretty,' she said. 'We want to be able to give him a higher function where he can run and play with other dogs, go on hikes.'

Aquilina has Brutus do exercises and play outside so that he can become better at balance. And the dog will soon undergo physical therapy and get an improved set of prosthetics to boot. Brutus' artificial limbs were made by OrthoPets of Denver, which makes prosthetics for about 250 animals around the world every year.

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