Children spot rare one-in-20,000 albino kangaroo in their backyard

 A young albino kangaroo, spotted grazing on a rural property beside her mother, has delighted three young children who were convinced that its strange colouring was a joke.

Michael Collins, who said he had noticed the white roo as joey on his Wattle Glen property in Victoria before, said it often visited his land.

'The kids… came running into the house saying "Dad! Someone spray-painted him",' Mr Collins said to Nine News.

Daniel Ramp, the Director of the UTS Centre for Compassionate Conservation, told Daily Mail Australia that he could confirm the kangaroo was an albino.

'Yes it's an albino, not spray painted. It's definitely an albino eastern grey kangaroo, a young girl with her mum,' Dr Ramp said.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Albino? Then why the black nose and brown eyes. Not an Albino.

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