This Family Rescued a Magpie Who Became an Inseparable Member of Their Household

In 2013, a young boy named Noah Bloom found an injured baby magpie on the ground near his local library. He brought her home and he and his family nursed her back to health. Now that magpie, whom the family named Penguin, has formed a lifelong friendship with her rescuers.

When the Bloom family took Penguin in, they nursed her back to health with "a proper Magpie diet and lots of snuggles." Noah, now 11, and his family — brothers Reuben, 13, and Oli, 9, and mom and dad Sam and Cameron — never knew that their injured magpie would become a regular visitor in their home.

Now, two years later, Penguin is completely healed. She has always been free to fly whenever and wherever she wants to, but she regularly returns to the Blooms' home to spend time with the family — playing catch with the boys, perching on mom's shoulders, or just relaxing in the sunshine.


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