The maned wolf is the largest canine species in South America and closely resembles a red fox on stilts because of its long legs.

 It is known locally as aguará guazú (meaning "large fox" in the Guarani language), or "kalak" by the Toba, lobo de crin, lobo de los esteros, or lobo colorado, and as lobo-guará in Brazil. It also is called borochi in Bolivia.

It is neither a wolf, fox, coyote, or dog but rather a member of its own Chrysocyon genus(meaning "golden dog"), making it a truly unique animal. They possess a mane that runs from the back of the head to the shoulders which can be erected to intimidate other animals when displaying aggression or when they feel threatened.

Unlike other wolves that live in packs, maned wolves do not form or hunt in packs but prefer to live alone. Maned wolf is considered as the last surviving species of the Pleistocene Extinction, which wiped out all other large canids from the continent.

The maned wolf is the tallest of the wild canids, its long legs probably are an adaptation to the tall grasslands of its native habitat.


Responses to "Stunning Photos Showcase A Truly Unique Animal : Maned Wolves"

  1. bmfilip2 says:

    Wow, they are very beautiful. Their long legs kind of remind me of a deer. Thank you for sharing them.

  2. txwildfire4 says:

    Beautiful animals! With less than 2000 left I hope soneone is working on plans to help preserve them and keep the population up. It would be a shame to see these beautiful animals disappear completely.

  3. Unknown says:

    These wolves are beautiful. Their legs are out of this world and their Bark howl is something else.

  4. DrKay says:

    Really stunning animal. I'd hate to see them go extinct.

  5. A case of love at first sight and sound for me. The little min-pin/chihuahua came up to protect me when he heard the vocalization. He seems to think it was a bark. First time he noticed a video. Oh those Betty Grable legs - they could grace a WW2 bomber as well as she did.

  6. Unknown says:

    omg i want that animal i would love on it daily aawww are they sure it aint a hybrid fox/wolf i wish i could have one

  7. Unknown says:

    is there a wild life reserve for them a foundation to donate to, to keep them alive and breeding, 2000 is a low number bring me a male and female i would let them live wild in my back yard in the woods of course it would have to have some fencing done to protect them :)

  8. Anonymous says:

    Amazing animals, long legs, mane, and large ears. They need to be protected. They are absolutely Beautiful!

  9. Beautiful animal. I truly hope they are protected from hunters or they will be extinct.

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