Bio-pic on Shawnee tribe leader Tecumseh, and his attempts to unite all Native American tribes.

Protagonist of the film is Tecumseh (1768-1813), Shawnee leader and arguably the greatest leader of all American Indians.

His road to history books was paved when he tried to unite all surviving Indian tribes of North American continent into single nation, able to resist constant pressure from white colonies at the Atlantic coast (and used British-American rivalry in order to achieve that goal).

Tecumseh's father was Puckshinwa, a minor Shawnee war chief of the Kispoko band and the Panther Clan of the tribe. According to some sources, Puckshinwa's father was Muscogee (Creek) and his mother was Shawnee. Either because his father died when he was young, or because among the Creeks a husband lives with his wife's family, Puckshinwa was considered a Shawnee.

Tecumseh's mother was Methotaske, Puckshinwa's second wife. She is believed to have been Shawnee through her father and her mother, possibly of the Pekowi band and the Turtle Clan. Some traditions hold that she was Creek, because she had lived among that tribe prior to marriage; some hold that she was Cherokee, having died in old age living among that tribe. Tecumseh's great-great grandfather on his mother's side, Straight Tail Meaurroway Opessa, was a prominent Chief of the Pekowi and the Turtle Clan.


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  1. I can't wait to see this!

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    Looks like a great movie!

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    So Far So Good

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    Oooo! Jesse Borrego! Great actor! Can't wait!

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    Tecumseh should be on our $20 bill.

  6. SAMARA says:

    Siempre me gustaron las películas de nativos!!!! Desde chica las veia y siempre abogaba por ellos. Luego dejaron de filmar ese género, que bueno que aún haya directores y estudios que apuesten a ellas!!!

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    Tecumseh's mother was Cherokee. He also said, to fight your enemy you must first know your enemy.

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