Quokka selfies are taking the Internet by storm

 The cute marsupials, mainly found on Rottnest Island in Western Australia, are one of Australia's most-adored furry creatures and shot to international fame.

Since then, they have become the most sought after animal to say "cheese" with and the hashtag #quokkaselfie has become a huge hit on Instagram and Twitter with tourists visiting the Land Down Under.

Quokkas are second only to cats when it come to the internet's most clickable animal and looking at these pictures, it's clear why.

The tiny marsupial, which is also known at the short-tailed wallaby, has one of the most animated faces amongst it's animal peers and genuinely seems to love taking a selfie.

It's face actually lights up and it smiles in a cartoon-like way when a camera is pointed as it's face.

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