This is the kind of story that only happens in Australia. After getting his head stuck in a metal watering can, a frightened kangaroo got some help from a few very patient humans.

Coffin Bay, Australia, has been going through a dry spell, and this kangaroo was out scavenging for water when he got his head trapped in a pail.

"Kangaroo wrangler" Rob Smith, one of men who rescued the 'roo, explained in the video that they tried to grab him by the tail, but they were afraid of getting kicked by the frightened animal.

So they looped some rope through the handle of the watering can and tried pulling, while trying to avoid getting in the way of the kangaroo's "massive" paws.

Finally they were able to (carefully) cut the can off the kangaroo's head while he lay on the ground, and he hopped away to freedom without so much as a "thanks mate."


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