Dog pets himself in his dreams

 On occasion, dogs will have dreams so vivid that they manifest into actual movement, a physical reflection of what's going on in their sleepy subconscious.

Sometimes, it's easy to guess what they're dreaming of; other times, not so much.

In a video uploaded to YouTube this week, a dozing dog can be seen gesticulating in a rather perplexing sort of way, reaching with an outstretched a paw toward the heavens.

A person in the clip can be heard saying that he's "petting himself in his dream," but, frankly, that doesn't seem like a very good guess.

So, what on Earth is this dog dreaming about?


Responses to "What On Earth Could This Dog Be Dreaming About?"

  1. Anonymous says:

    More like he is 'pawing' at his master to be petted.

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