What we learn from our parents. They are passed on from our Ancestors from long ago and it moves on from family to family. it is the way our parents were taught values from their parents and their parents parents.

The creator gave to us the family, which is the place where all teachings are handed down from the grandparent, to the parent, and to the child. The children's behavior is a mirror of the parents behavior. Knowing this, I realize the importance for each human to build a strong and balanced family. By doing this, I will break the cycle of hurt and ensure the positive and mental health of the children, even the children yet to be born. So from now on:

I will dedicate my priorities to rebuilding my family.

I must never give up and leave my family only to the mother.

I am accountable to restore the strength of my family. To do this, I will nurture our family's spiritual, cultural, and social health. I will demonstrate trust, respect, honor and discipline; but mostly I will be consistent in whatever I do with them.

I will see that the grandparents and community Elders play a significant role in the education of my children.

I realize that the male and female together are fundamental to our family life. I will listen to my mates council for our family's benefit, as well as for the benefit of my  Nation.

In our every deliberation, we must consider the impact of our decisions on the next seven generations. - Iroquois Maxim (circa 1700-1800)

 No river can return to its source, yet all rivers must have a beginning

Native American family Photo Credit: Frank Doerger

 Have I done all to keep the air fresh? Have I cared enough about the water? Have I left the eagle to soar in freedom? Have I done everything I could to earn my grandchild's fondness?
 - Chief Dan George, Tsleil-Waututh (1899 - 1981)

"It is not how much you do, but how much love you put in the doing."

We walked in peace and harmony
warriors brave and strong
guided by the Great Spirit in the sky
respecting the ways of Mother Earth
this we taught our children at birth  - The Sundance Warrior

'In a Sacred Manner We live " Noatak Family

It is well to be good to women in the strength of our manhood because we must sit under their hands at both ends of our lives. - He Dog Oglala Lakota

We know from our ancient teachings that the sacred eagle of humanity has two  perfectly balanced and harmonious wings; one representing woman, and one representing man. In our relationships as women and men, brothers and sisters, mothers and fathers, we must join together to eliminate all forms of disrespect, mistreatment, or lack of sharing in the responsibility of raising the world's children. It is our deepest prayer that with every new sunrise, we can recognize more and more that the most sacred and holy of all the wonderful ceremonies and gifts that the Creator has given us is the birth of child, and that everything we can do to provide our children and communities the best possible future is a sacred gift and responsibility.

Realize that we as human beings have been put on this earth for only a short time and that we must use this time to gain wisdom, knowledge, respect and understanding for all human beings, since we are all relatives. – Cree proverb

 "Love one another and help one another." ("sákihitók mina wicíhitók.") Cree Proverb

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  1. Beauty in every word, honesty in every action.

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    Love this

  3. Anonymous says:

    Nina with Cherokee Spiritual Guide says; First Nation People native to America are an inspiration to us all, through helping us live our Lives whilst treating all Tribes of other People in all Civilisations around the World, also Animals and our Planet, by showing them the Wisdom of these Words we have learned. Love and Peace to All. xx

  4. I'm absolutely touched by these lovely words.

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