8 week old wolfdog cub meets a herd of sheep for the first time. The sheep are rather suspicious. Chomby, their livestock guardian dog supervises.

About the puppy: Lorne is a high content wolfdog. He is being raised to hopefully be used in educational programs. He is 8 weeks old here and lives with sheep, camels, and other dogs.

About the guardian dog: Chomby is an Anatolian or Kangal. She is a full-time working dog that guards the sheep herd from predators. This is a serious dog, devoted to its family and its duty as family protector. It is suspicious of strangers and is territorial.

About the herd: The deer-like ewes you see are pure European Mouflon. A wild sheep that are thought to be one of the ancestors for all modern domesticated sheep. You can also see Painted Desert Sheep (the spotted ones), St. Croix (the white ones), and American Blackbelly (the orange and black). The sheep are all part of a program to diversify the genetics of Arizona sheep by introducing hybrid vigor via crossing domesticated sheep with wild Mouflon.


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