Leia, an eight-month-old Boxer from Pennsylvania, was filmed as she lay on the couch and latched on to a baby's pacifier

Footage shows her then sucking on it before closing her eyes and loudly snoring in her sleep

A soothing rendition of Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star is heard playing away in the background.

The pup's owner, Dave McK, says that apparently Leia loves to suck on her pacifier.

Each time around, she immediately falls to sleep.When she's not snoozing, Leia is usually getting up to mischief with her older brother Luke.

Together, the canines have starred in numerous videos via Facebook and YouTube. They also have their own website, www.luketheboxer.com

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  1. I am totally confused, how to stop snoring of my pet? I cant sleep with these voices...!! Any suggestion..?
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