Bryan Coleman has had his German Shepherd, Diamond, since she was just a few weeks old. Now 8, Diamond’s mobility recently deteriorated after hip dysplasia set in and she lost the use of her back legs.

 Bryan describes caring for Diamond as being a lot like “having a disabled child” albeit one that weighs 100 pounds. Bryan scoured the internet to help find Diamond solutions that would help her.

He found a wheelchair, which helped Diamond begin walking again. He also wanted to build a ramp for her at his home too, but he didn’t have the funds to do so immediately. That’s when his co-workers at the Home Depot in Richfield Minnesota took him completely by surprise.

They pitched in to help him and raised money for ramp supplies and their generosity didn’t end there. His coworker Paul Kajer came over to his home and build him the ramp too!

"I was trying to explain it to [Coleman] how to frame it up and build it, and I could tell it was over his head, so said I have all the tools. I'll throw them in the truck and meet you on Sunday before work," Kajer said.

Diamond can now use her wheelchair to get in and out of the house because of the new ramp.

Bryan was deeply touched by his co-workers’ gesture and says their generosity has changed his family’s life. He told Fox Chicago that it’s one thing to read about people’s acts of kindness and another thing to live it. He is also grateful that Diamond has some restored mobility and told the news station she is a very happy dog!


Responses to "Co-workers help man build his ailing German Shepherd a wheelchair ramp (Video)"

  1. bmfilip says:

    That is so sweet to see how they came together to hep him & his dog. Thank you for caring. Such a beautiful dog. May God bless & be with you all!
    Thank you for sharing this.

  2. Andrew Dube says:

    This is a nice story and a great job done by everyone involved.

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