A coyote spent an hour on top of a New York bar after it made its way through an abandoned building.

The coyote was filmed above the LIC bar in Long Island City, Queens, New York before it fled into an old paint factory.

Brian Porter, owner of the LIC Bar said residents spotted the wild beast when they looked out of their window. A vet climbed up towards the roof to look at the coyote but soon retreated. According to the LIC Post, Mr Porter said: 'It looked well fed, it wasn't a scrawny thing.' Mr Porter said it was the first time that he had ever seen a coyote in the area.

An animal control officer searched the scene, but the only coyote he could find was jazz musician Coyote Anderson. Yes, that is his real name.“My name is Coyote Anderson,” Anderson said. “Believe it or not, my parents named me Coyote Anderson Moore.”

Of all the nights that Anderson’s jazz quartet could have a gig, it was on the night that LIC Bar received its unexpected visitor. “We couldn’t be blessed with a better omen,” Anderson said. He said he was dedicating a song or two to the creature at the center of the canine mystery.

Animal Control officers say they can’t be sure what the animal is unless they look at it up close, but first they have to find it.


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