A motorcade of folks on safari was treated to a remarkably well-coordinated display of pachyderm road-safety skills in action.

 Elephants at home in South Africa's Kruger National Park occasionally need to traverse roadways while out on their walks, but they don't do so lightly, a recent video reveals. Before a herd begins to cross, one member can be seen setting up a road block of sorts, bringing oncoming traffic to a standstill.

A likely reasoning for this excess of caution becomes clear moments later. Once the road is cleared of potential hazards, the herd's littlest member is escorted across, flanked on one side by her protective parent. The road-blocking elephant continues to hold her position in the street, keeping cars at a distance, until the youngster and her mother are safely out of sight.

This show of solidarity and problem-solving ability is hardly atypical for elephants. These animals are among the most intelligent on the planet, capable of altering their behavior to suit unique situations. That, coupled with their strong social bonds with one another, results in elephants going above and beyond to ensure that all members of the herd are protected.


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