A little boy named Levi dances the traditional Maori haka for his great-grandma’s 81st birthday…

The passion in this three year old is inspirational. The Haka is a traditional war cry / dance of the people of New Zealand.

American audiences were first introduced to the Haka in the opening credits to the Real World / Road Rules Challenge: The Duel II. The New Zealand All Blacks rugby team has also had something to do with the rise of the Haka in popular culture.

But apparently, it's also used to melt hearts, like when three-year-old Levi here does it. At the same time, his commitment is genuinely intimidating. If he were ten years older, or if there were four more of him, I wouldn't be smiling. I'd be running the other way.

In this video you’ll see 3-year old little warrior from the Ngati Toa tribe performs an adorable and intimidating version of a Haka.


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  1. So Lovely! Cutie little warrior!

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