The Lakota Sioux Indian Dance Theatre presents Lakota Love

The Lakota Sioux Dance Theatre was founded at the Rosebud Reservation in South Dakota with the support of traditional Lakota Indian educators, healers, community leaders, championship pow-wow dancers, singers, and storytellers.

 The company performs Cokata Upo! Come to the Center, a three-part, evening-length work that celebrates the culture of the Lakota people. Set against a backdrop of spectacular video imagery and accompanied by live traditional, sacred, and courting songs, narratives and creation stories are woven into the fabric of the performance.

"We absolutely try to make it an experience," Henry Smith, head of the Indian dance theater, told the News. "What we want to cultivate is an appreciation of the depth of the Lakota." While the show is filled with incredible sound, color and dance, Smith told the News that the drum serves as the foundation of the show.

"The drum is the heartbeat. It gets people involved and it moves people. It is like a catalyst," he said.


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    very beautiful

  2. So very beautiful thank you

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    Thank You for sharing, <3

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    So beautiful and moving. I loved it!

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    This performance is rich in energy and beauty. Thank you.

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    Beautiful amazing

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    So spiritual, good feeling and beautiful.

  8. this is so beautiful honor and respect for this beautiful people

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