Rescued tigers swim for the first time with overwhelming happiness

The wild tiger population is in serious trouble. Not only are these animals greatly endangered by habitat loss and poaching in their native territory, but they are also very susceptible to the illegal wildlife trade. Bought and sold into this illicit trade, these animals often end up as exotic pets. While the concept of keeping a tiger as a pet in your backyard might sound ridiculous, the reality is that there are currently more tigers in American backyards than there are in the wild … yes, it’s that bad.

Luckily, organizations like International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) exist to make sure that exotic animals, like tigers, who have been wrongly taken from the wild and forced into captivity get a chance at retirement. IFAW actively rescues and rehabilitates tigers from abusive captive situations; the tigers in this video came from this sort of life.

Lily and Carli, the tigers featured, are enjoying the good life at their sanctuary home in Nevada. These two rescued big cats are getting to experience the wonder of swimming in a cool, refreshing pool for the very first time in their lives!

While these two tigers should have never been captured from the wild, we are so pleased to see them enjoying themselves in their new home. Enjoy your swim, Lily and Carli!


Responses to "Rescued Tigers Swim For The Very First Time With Overwhelming Happiness (Video)"

  1. Anonymous says:

    Greedy thing!!
    Not sharing, at least not at first.

  2. bmfilip says:

    That is wonderful. The tigers are so beautiful. Thank you for rescuing them. Thank you for sharing this video.

  3. Unknown says:

    I hope, that this wonderful animals, will go to a better and species-appropriated Place soon - it is really sad to see them in this bare corral! If it is not possible to return them to the wild - they need natural hiding places!

  4. Anonymous says:

    Its a wonderful thing you are doing for these big cats. Yes ultimately they need their natural habitiat to roam but t least you are trying to give them a comfortable & happy life. In a place they can be safe and well looked after. Much love and good luck to you in your future rescues. xxxxx

  5. Unknown says:

    I love you IFAW!!! YOu help animals everywhere! I just wish you could help each and every one of them all over the world.

  6. Unknown says:

    It is so heartwarming to see these beautiful animals taken out of an abusive situation and given a chance to thrive. I just cannot understand why people take wild animals and try to keep them as pets locked up in cages. Thank you IFAW for rescuing these two beautiful cats and providing them a much better life.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Wonderful to see that these cats are living a better life than before, but I can't help wondering why they were not placed in a program wherein the habitat was suited for them. It seems the desert and a small pool are not the lifestyle they should be in. Hopefully this will change soon.

  8. Unknown says:

    Wonderful thank YOU for rescuing Carli n Lily she looks happy n having fun...

  9. Unknown says:

    Beautiful. Thank you for saving them.

  10. Thank you for saving these beautiful creatures. They look very happy now, especially Lily.

  11. Unknown says:

    I guess I'm not understanding here. These two tigers were taken from the wild so instead of releasing them back into the wild they just move them somewhere else in the US? It's an upgrade in living conditions but they're still not doing the right thing. This is just as messed up. Am I missing something?

  12. Unknown says:

    Vera Dales......yes you are missing something. either let them have a bit of space and fun or kill them. Once an animal is habituated you cannot let it go back to the wild. That would be giving another human a death sentence.

  13. Morgana says:

    Go babies, feel the grass, feel the water and make the most of it

  14. Unknown says:

    Thank you so much for doing this for the Tigers. It brought me to tears.

  15. Wonderful that these Tigers have a new freedom. Thanks IFAW.

  16. Anonymous says:

    Yes, it is an improvement over their previous life, but the sanctuary is so barren, with no natural habitat and worst than some zoos. :(

  17. neache says:

    Thank you for the rescue and what you have been able to provide, yes they need shade, and trees and grass and space but you have to start somewhere, thank you for getting them out of their previous captivity of cruelty, Its a start..

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