Wolf Dance performed by Git Hoan (meaning 'people of the salmon'), a native dance group.

 David Boxley of the Git-Hoan Dancers discusses dance traditions of the Tsimshian, whose descendants live on the Northwest coast of northern British Columbia and in southeastern Alaska. He discusses the use of masks and other handmade regalia in the dances.

The Git-Hoan Dancers (The People of theSalmon) perform with stunning, hand-carved masks, authentic skin and wood drums and colorful hand-made regalia emblazoned with symbols of their culture.

Git-Hoan’s repertoire includes a ceremonial procession and storytelling dances which tell the history of the Tsimshian First Nations People.


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  1. Unknown says:

    This sends chills down the spine. Excellent dance! Would love to have a cd with the songs of this tribe. Thank you, White Wolf, for sharing.

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