Warrior spirits live within us - We shall remain

 Music has the potential to be inspiring, even transcendent. The stories of personal struggle or social issues, delivered in plainly-stated poetry, can be quite touching and relatable; then the catchy, often soaring, chorus comes in, and the effect is unique in popular music.

In the early 21st century, Native American communities have exhibited continual growth and revival, playing a larger role in the American economy and in the lives of Native Americans. Communities have consistently formed governments that administer services such as firefighting, natural resource management, social programs, health care, housing and law enforcement. Numerous tribes have founded tribal colleges.

Indians today live within the larger American culture — a culture that can dominate not only Native American tribal cultures but cultures around the world.

Culture is a set of beliefs and behavior patterns that are generally shared by the members of a group. These values can be expressed and reinforced through art, stories, songs or rituals, and language is crucial to the preservation of a culture.


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  1. jaenellie says:

    what a beautiful message

  2. Unknown says:

    If that isn't inspiring I don't know what is.

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