Orphaned cub rescued from roadside accident bounces back to health thanks to its new collie best friend

A young fox which was rescued after being struck by a car has bounced back to health thanks to the help of a caring collie dog.

The three-week-old fox was taken to a vet after being found lying in the road next to its dead mother who had been killed in a road traffic accident. The tiny animal, named Dinozzo, was checked over by a vet before being taken in by Werner and Angelika Schmaing, from Oberscheld, Germany. The couple, who also care for a dog, a cat and two piglets at their home, quickly introduced the young fox to their collie called Ziva.

Under the dog's watchful care, the injured fox has gone from strength to strength - and has now started to believe it is one of the dogs. Dinozzo has also formed an unlikely friendship with the couple's Bengal cat Leopald.

Mr Schmaing, 51, who works as a housekeeper at a local school, has raised a number of orphaned animals at his home including two piglets. He said Ziva and Leopold 'fell in love with the little fox immediately'. He said: 'The fox has gotten used to getting in and out of the house through the cats door. We've decided to let him live like any other fox outside the house.'

He said Ziva has taken the new role as mother in her stride and added: 'The interaction of animals is very much like siblings in a family.'They are mostly peaceful, often playful and sometimes tired - sleeping together in one place. 'Our collie acts as a foster mum for the little ones.'


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