A woman was stunned to find a baby seal had invited itself into her home after sliding in from a nearby beach.

 Clare Christian spotted the petite pup on the porch of her Ruamti home on North Island at about 9.30am on Saturday morning.

After feeding it some tarakihi fish, the meddling mammal stole inside the living house, kicking its tail up and relaxing by the fire, reports Stuff NZ.Ms Christian was shocked to greet the unexpected visitor which appeared while she was out collecting firewood.

'There was this beautiful baby seal. I just sort of quietly backed away, then quietly sneaked forward again to take some photos,' she said.But before long the pup grew homesick, glancing out the window towards the ocean. Ms Christian guided him back to the shore, where he dived back into the water.

'It was pretty awesome,' she said.

New Zealand fur seals often come ashore in winter, leaving their pups alone for weeks while they rummage for food. The animals are growing and their population is estimated to be between 100,000 and 200,000 in New Zealand alone.


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