When a mother opossum was rushed to a wildlife rehab center with her babies after being hit by a car, her rescuers quickly realized they had saved her life once before.

 The mom had come to WildCare, a wildlife rehabilitation center outside of San Francisco, a year earlier, when she was a baby herself.

A microchip scan revealed that mom was the same opossum rescuers had nursed as a newborn. "Reading this opossum's patient record, we discovered she was our 'miracle baby' from the summer before!" WildCare posted on their website.

"Staff and volunteers in the Wildlife Hospital all remembered this young female because she had arrived so tiny, was a solo baby despite our best efforts to find her a companion, and she had fought so valiantly to survive."

While her rescuers were sorry to see her hurt, this mama opossum's babies marked the second generation of her family to pass through WildCare. They'll be released into the wild as soon as they're old enough to live independently. As for mom, she may need some extra care — but she'll be getting it in the safety and comfort of her first home.


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  1. Morgana says:

    So cute, so adorable, so obliged to you for their rescue, thank you.

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