A sea lion named ‘Rubbish’ was found wandering the streets of San Francisco

Rubbish was trapped under a parked vehicle in the Marina District on Divisadero Street shortly before 7 a.m. Thursday. Officials said the sea lion was malnourished and appeared to have lost weight since his first rescue and rehabilitation earlier this year.

Rubbish was caught by a net and ushered into a large crate before being transported to the Marine Mammal Center, which bestowed the sea lion’s nickname. The center has been inundated by stranded, malnourished sea lion pups this year.

Marine Mammal Center officials told KTVU they had previously treated Rubbish after he was rescued in February. Back then, the 8-month-old weighed just 30 pounds. After being treated for pneumonia and nursed back to health, he was released on March 23.

But since striking back out on his own, the Marine Mammal Center told the news station that Rubbish had lost 17 pounds. Veterinary staff planned to exam him to see if there are any underlying issues causing him to strand. Unfortunately, Rubbish isn’t alone in his vagabond ways, with many sea lion pups, driven by hunger and other afflictions, turning up on shore.


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  1. Unknown says:

    thanks fukushima for killing their food

  2. Anonymous says:

    Wish we could save all Mother Nature's beautiful creatures. They only add to the Earth - while man kind destroys it.

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