Meet Rylai, The Domesticated Baby Red Fox That Just Loves To Sleep

Say hello to Rylai — a 5-week-old domesticated red fox that dazzles everyone with her striking "marble white" fur and bright pink nose!

After being adopted earlier this week, her owner began posting photos and videos online to share with friends and family. Of course, with a face like that, it wasn't long before the tiny kit gained a larger audience when the photos went viral.

Because she is just a little baby, Rylai currently spends the vast majority of her day simply sleeping, eating and pooping. Once she gets a bit older, she'll begin exhibiting more rambunctious fox-like behaviors.

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As Rylai's human explains, "[Domesticated foxes] need enrichment and attention or they will quickly become bored and destructive. They [are] notorious for being difficult to litter train and stealing all of your favorite trinkets and hiding them."

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  1. Most precious.

  2. Such a Beautiful creature I love the name.

  3. Unknown says:

    Pretty baby!

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