Meet Buck. He’s only eight-weeks-old and he’s still working things out.

Things like hiccups. YouTube user Matthew Kennelly uploaded this clip to YouTube this week of his heeler puppy experiencing his first hiccups this week and it’s totally adorable.

He wrote under the video, entitled Buck has the hiccups: ‘What are these things inside me!? I will scare them away!’ First, the bewildered pup tries being really still, in the hope that the hiccups might just give up and go away without a fight.

When that – and a quick flash of the puppy dog eyes to camera – doesn’t work, he goes in with failsafe strategy number two: making lots of noise.

 When that too fails, at the end of the clip, he can be seen checking behind him as he tries to figure out what type of black magic is at work here. We can’t wait till he discovers mirrors.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    That was too short. I hated that he had the hiccups but I was up for more comfort from his innocent cuteness.

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