Singing to comfort Bentley in the hospital

Bentley is the youngest and smallest rescue pig at EARTH Animal Sanctuary in Illinois, and earlier this spring the 9-month-old potbellied pig wound up fighting for his life in the animal hospital.

His human caretaker Corinne was by his side as Bentley fought a life-threatening case of meningitis, and the sanctuary uploaded a touching video back in March of her gently rocking the sick pig as she sings him a quiet lullaby.

It's clear that Bentley has a truly loving family at the sanctuary — his human even gets choked up as she holds the little pig in her arms. The video has since been seen over a million times — and donations poured in to help cover the cost of Bentley's medical care.

In April, EARTH Sanctuary posted the happy news that Bentley was finally well enough to come home! For a time, doctors weren't sure if Bentley's illness would leave him blind — but happily, Bentley can see, run and play! This was a miraculous recovery that is due in part to the loving, gentle support of his sanctuary family.

Responses to "Woman Sings Her Sick Rescue Pig A Touching Lullaby"

  1. Anonymous says:

    That's so sweet! I used to sing that to my daughter 30 years ago when she was a baby. We were watching the Andy Griffith show reruns, and she was fussy not feeling well, Andy sang that song and she calmed right down and went to sleep! After that I would sing it to her whenever she was fussy, and she would calm right down. It's a loving, calming, soothing song.

  2. Anonymous says:

    so beautiful to see such love for her pet pig and you can see the response of the pig with the singing iam so glad piggy made it to better health Val form Perth West Australia

  3. Anonymous says:

    That was simply beautiful it brought tears to my eyes, every animal should be treated with this kind of love. Im so glad he made it and is doing well.

  4. Linda Lacy says:

    What compassion she has for animals. If all people felt this way there would be no abuse of animals. I use to have 2 pot bellied pigs so smart and loving but they do scare easy and I cant imagine how frightened he must be in there with all those loud sounds. Be glad if he got home by now. Thoughts and prayers for Bentley and Kudos to you for being there to calm him thank you for being a kind loving soul.

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