Chilean woman reunited with dog she thought she had lost in volcanic eruption

In the wake of the recent devastating volcanic eruption in Chile, which blanketed the sky with choking clouds of falling ash, rays of hope have begun to shine through.

Thousands of villagers living near the Calbuco volcano were forced to leave behind their pets as they were hurriedly evacuated last week following the powerful eruption. But while the toll from the disaster is still being tallied, many of those animals thought lost have been found to have persevered.

Video has emerged from Ensenada, one of the towns hardest hit by the eruption, showing a woman's touching reunion with her dog. The unidentified pet owner had been searching for days for the pet after being allowed back into the area, reports El Comercio — and the look of relief on her face suggests she had feared the worst.

Volunteers scouring the areas for displaced pets have so far ushered at least 500 to safety, reports the group Seamos Amigos de los Animales. It's uncertain when evacuated pet owners will be allowed to return for good, but the animals rescued so far are being housed and treated until they too can be reunited.

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